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Graduation Gifts for the Boys

Well, folks.. It’s finally here. That moment we all anticipate from the day our children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and loved ones are born… graduation!

We’ve cheered them on, encouraged them, helped them grow, and now it’s time for them to spread their wings and move onto the next chapter.

Boys can be tougher to shop for this time of year, but at Barrington, all of our Men’s leather items are made to last, so why not gift the young man in your life a classic, timeless gift to remind them of this chapter closing in their life.

Here are our top picks Graduation Gift picks for the Boys:

Money Clip

Original Money Clip

You can’t go wrong with the Original Money Clip. A good-looking florentine leather wallet, with a pocket just large enough to keep his credit cards and ID, along with a strong magnetic clip that’ll hang onto those dollar bills… there’s nothing better! At Barrington, we meet people frequently that pull out their Barrington Money Clip they’ve had for over 20 years, and it works like charm! Talk about a gift that’ll last a lifetime… I think we’ve got that one covered here!

Leather Snap Valet

Whether your young man is headed off to college, or starting his career now, he’ll have a desk of some sort, and where is he going to drop that lose change or his cuff links? Say no more.. The Leather Snap Valet is the perfect accessory to serve as his “catch-all.” Maybe he’s a bit of a mess, so you can only hope this snap valet provides him with somewhere to put his trinkets all in one place to keep his desk spick and span!

Dop KitDoppelt Shaving Kit

Every man needs his dop kit, whether it’s for an upcoming business trip for his new job, or maybe he needs a place to keep his shaving necessities + toiletries when he’s headed to the community bathroom in the dorm. No matter where he’s headed, he’s going to need a doppelt kit. Barrington’s all leather Doppelt Shaving kit is very spacious,  and even has a zippered compartment under the lid is included to protect jewelry or other items.

Captain's BagCaptain’s Bag

Once your boy graduates, there will be lots of trips to visit him and vice versa when he comes home for weekends or holidays. He’ll need a travel companion to pack all his belongings in. That’s why the Captain’s Bag is the perfect gift for the grad. Our Captain’s bag comes in 3 different leather choices and has a detachable strap for easy carrying. A leather luggage piece will last for decades.

Buchanan Laptop LeatherBuchanan Laptop Case

These days, everyone has their personal laptop computer. College kids use them for taking notes, studying and working on projects. Those working jobs now do most of their work on computers too, so why not gift the grad an all leather Laptop Case. It’s slim enough to not add any extra weight to the computer, made of handsome leather, and will protect their beloved computer whether he is off to class or on the job!