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Meet the Artist, Caroline Hernandez of Sweet Caroline Designs!

For those of you who have loved our new colorful patterns, you also might have seen a name of a new artist we have been working with- meet Caroline Hernandez of Sweet Caroline Designs!

(Fun fact- Caroline is the sister of our marketing manager/part-time Barrington Instagram model, Katie!)

If you ask Caroline, the creativity didn’t just start with her, as the art gene has been passed along through the years by her mom and grandmother. From a very young age, Caroline’s talent was seen by everyone around her. She was the little girl in art class who’s art looked way beyond what a 5 year old’s art should look like. As she grew up in Shreveport, Louisiana, Caroline was involved in dance and cheerleading, but the one activity Caroline couldn’t seem to stay away from was art. Through all the talented arts programs, summer camps, and craft projects she, her mom and sister would do at home.. art was just something Caroline was passionate about. 

As she went on to college at The University of Mississippi, Caroline knew she wanted to major in art but wasn’t sure which direction she wanted to go with it yet. After taking her first course in graphic design, Caroline knew it was perfect for her, and she went on to graduate with a Graphic Design degree. Moving back home to Louisiana, Caroline then became the in-house graphic designer at a local paper and stationery store, The Paper Tulip. While working there, she officially started her own “brand” and started to build up her clientele. After about two years, Caroline knew it was time to “officially” start her own brand and she went on to open a design studio which then turned into a full on retail store. 

Caroline at Market 2017At a time when Caroline was feeling a little burnt out on all the custom work, she attended The Southern Coterie in Sea Island, Georgia, a conference-like opportunity to connect, collaborate and create with other southern entrepreneurs in February of 2017. It was there when she really felt the kick she needed to get started on transitioning to full wholesale. That summer, she showed for the first time at Atlanta Market and her wholesale career really took off. Mostly paper products, what Caroline really became known for were her planners. Full of colorful, fun, bright designs- all of Caroline’s products started to get her recognized across the US. caroline planners

Sweet Caroline Designs invitesPresent day, Caroline has built up her online business, where she now offers both pre-designed invitations, stationery and other paper goods, along with the option to order completely custom designs as well. Not only does Caroline have her custom work keeping her busy, but she also has built up her blog which focuses on entertaining, table tops and motherhood, as she is now the mom to a precious 18 month old girl, and another girl on the way!

We asked Caroline what inspires her when it comes to her designs. At the moment, she said Interior Design plays a huge role in what she currently designs. She loves looking at Wallpapers, fabrics and following some of her favorite interior designers, such as Amy Berry and Sarah Bartholomew.

Of course, we had to ask her what her favorite Barrington piece was, and just as it’s everyone’s favorite, she answered “The St. Anne!”  She told us she uses it every single day, and it fits everything she needs in a regular day which includes her computer, her Legal Pad Porfolio, wallet, and diapers for Mignonne… which lead her to tell us she will be purchasing the St. Anne Monogram Diaper bag for her next baby!

Lastly, I asked Caroline what advice she has for other designers out there, and she said “if you’re really passionate about something and you believe in it, you have to take a big risk and just go for it. It’s most important to know your customers and market, so stick with your brand, make sure everything is consistent, and actually get to know your audience!”

Caroline lives in Shreveport, with her husband Brett, daughter Mignonne and pup, George .. with baby #2 on the way! Caroline loves to exercise, work on house projects (currently, Mignonne’s big girl room!) and bake.