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Meet the Artist: Brooke Wright

About two and a half years ago, Brooke Wright Designs approached Barrington with a collaboration idea.  What would we think about using some of her patterns on our products? The minute we saw her prints, we knew we’d be a great match! So read along, and meet the artist... Brooke Wright!

Brooke Wright StudioWhen you pull up to Brooke Wright’s Studio and storefront in Fort Worth, Texas, you step out into a little piece of “Brooke Wright Heaven” as I would call it. It encompasses everything that is “Brooke”.. from the fun and cheerful colors of her clothing and textiles hanging throughout the studio, to the backyard patio that can host a fun outdoor event, and even the stylish chicken coop where her chickens lay fresh eggs. As you read along, you’ll understand why these details describe Brooke perfectly.

As a young child in Abilene, TX, Brooke ALWAYS had an opinion on what she wanted to wear. In high school she discovered the style of clothing she was looking for was nowhere to be seen. And as a freshman at TCU, Brooke fully intended to study design. But she took a little turn and actually graduated with a degree in Education, and eventually a Masters in Family Counseling and Play Therapy. Then following college, marriage to her husband Kyle, and the birth of her first child, Brooke started creating stationery and invitations with her art just for fun.

Brooke Wright PaintingBefore she knew it, her little stationery business took off and Brooke was working till 2 AM just trying to run a business and be a mom. A couple years later, Brooke thought,

.. my art has to be more than just paper...

and this was when the idea of textiles started to come into play. Brooke looked into digital printing and worked on how to create “repeats” of patterns-- something I never realized was such a math equation. Her beautiful textiles, initially used in the world of interior design, turned into her clothing line in 2016.

As I asked Brooke about her favorite patterns she’s designed, you could tell each pattern she mentioned was like another “child.” Her “Palm” Print, “Charity Floral” and “Fanfare” were her very favorites, though.

One of the coolest parts of listening to Brooke tell her story was the setting we were in. As I mentioned, we were in Brooke Wright “Heaven.” Brooke said

design goes beyond paper, it evolves into the rest of your life and how you entertain and bring people together.

I say this because the tables where we were seated for lunch were an art piece themselves. Brooke found these 1960’s inspired tables at Round Top, (that era also being one of Brooke’s inspirations). Her well-known “kimono” style shirt was inspired by that decade.

Brooke Wright Clothes

In addition to her affection for the 1960’s era, Brooke also draws inspiration from.…“estate sales!” I personally love this answer, because I too, enjoy the stories behind old pieces and incorporating them into the new. Surprisingly, Brooke told us she never had someone to look up to in fashion, which is most likely why she took it upon herself to find inspiration in so many other places. Nature is another source of inspiration for Brooke. She loves teaching her kids simplicity, and to take advantage of the ground God has given us, encouraging them to get their hands dirty and get creative outside and around nature.

Wrapping up our wonderful meeting with Brooke and her team, I had to ask what her most favorite Barrington pieces were. She has quite the collection of pieces! Her answer: The St. Charles Yacht tote.

St. Charles Yacht tote

As she started pulling bag after bag out of her car, she had us laughing (in the best way) at all her St. Charles Yacht totes! She has one for everything she (and her kids) need. Her “mom hack” was her idea of “Bag of the day.” Each bag was for a different day of activities- there was a soccer bag, a beach bag, pool bag, a ballet bag, and an art bag. Her life revolves around kids, school and their afternoon activities, so the St. Charles Personalized Large Yacht tote is the perfect “have to have it all” tote, and just makes it convenient to grab the bag of the day and go.

Brooke, thank you for being a part of Barrington and hosting us at your beautiful space in Fort Worth. We can’t wait to come visit again and brainstorm new patterns together.

Brooke’s clothing can be found at www.brookewrightdesigns.com and possibly in a store near you!