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7 Thoughtful Ideas for Buying Leather Anniversary Gifts for Him

7 Thoughtful Ideas for Buying Leather Anniversary Gifts for Him

Did you know it’s customary to give a specific gift for each year of your anniversary? After three years together, you hopefully already know this! If you don’t and your third anniversary is approaching, giving leather is the tradition.

Why give leather your third anniversary? Leather has pretty amazing symbolism.

After three years, you’re out of the honeymoon phase and you’re (and likely have been) facing both good and rough times. Leather is a durable material and symbolizes the strength of your marriage to overcome anything.

Here are 10 leather anniversary gifts he’ll love!

The Best Leather Anniversary Gifts for Him

1. Leather Laptop Bag or Leather Laptop Sleeve

Leather Laptop Case

Everyone has a laptop these days, so why not help him carry it in style!

Not only are laptop bags practical, but they’re also becoming a trend. Leather designer bags will make him throw out his old briefcase, and transition into a laptop bag instead. Check out this great one Barrington has here

If a full brief case isn't his style or he already has a nice bag, a laptop sleeve can keep his trusty computer safe too!

2. Leather Money Clip

Leather Money Clip

Every man needs his trusty wallet. At Barrington, our Original Money clip has been our best selling men's product for over 25 years. This money clip would truly be a gift your man would carry for a lifetime, as the leather only gets finer with age! Engrave his initials in it for an extra touch!

3. Leather Chair

What man doesn’t love sitting in his favorite while watching a movie? That’s why a brand new leather chair is also a great anniversary gift. Choose a comfortable leather recliner he’ll sit in for years.

Is your husband a workaholic or works from home? Buy him a new leather office chair.

4. Leather Doppelt Kit

Doppelt Kit

Does your husband's shaving stuff left out on the counter drive you crazy? Say no more, a new leather Doppelt kit can solve that problem for you!

At Barrington, our doppelt kit is a huge hit for anniversary gifts, as well as a birthday or holiday gift. As the two of you travel, he can also use his dop kit to carry his toiletry items. 

5. Leather Carry-On

Belmont Cabin Bag

Does your husband travel a lot for work? Or are you two just travelers in general?

A brand new leather carry-on also makes a perfect gift! Rich leather is sturdy and classic. A high-quality bag will hold up to anything, even being squished on airplanes.

Don’t want to get him a new carry-on? Look for other leather travel accessories such as a smaller leather pouch to carry on his headphones or wallet.

6. Leather Writing Journal

Leather Notebook

Did you marry a writer? Don’t let his brilliant novel ideas go to waste! While he can write his thoughts in a traditional notebook, a leather-cased writing journal looks antique and feels natural to the touch.

Look for leather-cased notebooks that feature high-quality paper, and maybe throw a customized pen in there!

7. Leather Snap Valet

Snap Valet

You’re not the only one who needs a catch-all! If your husband has accessories, such as watches and cuff links, he needs an easy place for his accessories.

A snap valet ensures his keys, extra change, or those accessories have a safe place to fall.

Our all leather snap valets at Barrington are the perfect balance of masculine and functional.

Start Shopping for His Leather Anniversary Gift

Whether your husband is a photographer or just wants a nice bracelet or watch, you can get him a myriad of products for your third wedding anniversary. Leather is a durable material and you can customize many of these gifts.

Are you looking for leather anniversary gifts? Shop our leather section for men!