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Junior Old English British Tan Florentine Leather Book Jacket

For those of us who still appreciate and prefer pen and paper, this attractive, refillable leather book jacket with our 5" x 8" notebook is ideal for note-taking and fits easily into a purse or briefcase. The Jr. Old English Book Jacket features a classic book spine, an interior card pocket, and pen loop. It comes with our timeless plaid tartan interior lining. We can deboss your initials into the leather to make it unmistakably yours.

  • Dimensions 6"L X 8.75H X 0.75"D

  • Made of Premium Florentine leather

  • Business card pocket on inside flap

  • Interior Pen Loop

  • Fits a 5"X8" notebook

  • Barrington lined notebook included

  • Additional Barrington notebook refills available for purchase

  • Barrington plaid lining

  • Dust bag included

  • Delivery 10-14 days

Luxurious Refillable Leather Book Jacket

Wrap your most important thoughts in style with Barrington’s luxurious leather book jacket cover. When you have filled all the pages, you can fit another 5x8 notebook or refill with our 75-page refill insert features an elegant gold edge.

The perfect gift for the special person, time, or occasion in your life. Whether it’s a fresh start to a new year, graduation, birthday, or just because...our luxurious book jacket makes every moment memorable.

Our leather gifts are handmade with impeccable attention to detail, so you can trust that your gift will always arrive beautifully. With superior craftsmanship and quality materials, Barrington gifts are designed to last.

Stylishly Preserve Your Notes And Journals

Your thoughts are valuable and deserve to be preserved in luxury. With Barrington’s refillable leather book jacket, that means you can keep your notes and journals safe while adding a touch of elegance to your everyday routine. Our timeless plaid tartan interior lining adds an extra layer of sophistication, making this a gift that will make any recipient feel special.

British Tan Florentine Leather For Classy Look & Feel

The timeless look of British Tan Florentine leather is the perfect accompaniment to add to your briefcase or desk. The buttery soft leather will keep your notes and journals secure while adding a touch of luxury to every page. Our exquisite leather also features an interior card pocket, pen loop, and dust bag to keep everything neatly organized and protected.

Comfortably Fit 5x8 Notebook

Yes, the book is refillable, but it also comfortably fits a 5x8 notebook. Additional refills are available for purchase, or you can fit any other notebook of the same size. This allows you to decide, but we believe you will love our notebook refills, but we wanted to leave the option open to you.

Convenient Interior Pen Loop & Business Card Pocket

What good is a classy book jacket if it doesn’t have a few useful features? We have added options for an interior pen loop and business card pocket to ensure you always have the essentials on hand. The convenient pen loop will help ensure you always have a pen handy. And the business card pocket allows you to store your cards so you can remain professional and organized.

Elevate Your Routine With Luxurious Writing Accessories

You are important, and the information that you choose to write should go into something else that looks important. The leather book cover is a beautiful design choice to create an image of that. The Barrington leather book jacket elevates your writing experience to a luxurious level. With this stylish and practical accessory, you can be sure that your thoughts are kept safe and secure in the most elegant way possible.

Make Every Moment Memorable: The Perfect Gift For Special Occasions

From fathers day to Christmas, this elegant book jacket makes a wonderful gift for any special occasion. It is the perfect way to let your loved ones know how much you appreciate them, and it will be something they can treasure for years to come.

Quality Craftsmanship And Materials That Last In Our Leather Book Cover

One thing everyone that knows the Barrington brand knows, and that is quality. At Barrington, we use the best materials and craftsmanship to create our products. That is why we choose to use real Florentine Leather. Sure, we could use "genuine leather" "bonded leather" or some other cheap piece of leather, but we wanted the best for our customers. We have been around for 30 years making the best, and it is only getting better.