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Gifts for the Mom To Be

Whether you are or know a new mom, or a mom to be- I think we can all agree that the usual “mom” bag would be a diaper bag. A Diaper Bag was not always the most glamorous thing out there, but luckily for us living in the 21st Century, we have access to some pretty cute ones. And here at Barrington, we put the designing in your hands to create the most stylish yet functional diaper bag out there.

The best part about the Monogram Diaper Bag is the exterior- it doesn’t scream “baby bag!” Our Diaper bag externally looks identical to our best selling St. Anne tote. It’s the interior that’s designed perfectly for a mama. That way, our moms still look fashionable whether walking through the grocery store, meeting up with friends for lunch or running any other errand.

Our St. Anne Diaper Bag has a zippered top so the new mom can load up all the baby’s supplies and zip it up! It’s super ideal for traveling with an infant as well so nothing can spill out.

St. Anne Diaper Bag Interior

Inside, the pockets are configured differently to better suit supplies for baby. There are 5 pockets total, situated to fit diapers, and even 2 of the pockets are a perfect fit for bottles. Another favorite part of the interior that mama’s love is the material.  The interior is made of neutral wipeable nylon lining…talk about easy clean up for any spills that could occur or just when the bag needs a good clean out. 

Lastly, the St. Anne Diaper Bag comes with a heavy-duty stroller hook that can easily hang onto your stroller. With the hook, our moms can be hands free when strolling the kiddos around!

When the day comes and the sweet little babes start to grow up, this tote can transition into a regular everyday tote- the best perk of the exterior looking just like our St. Anne! This bag can truly be used for years to come! 

Design a St. Anne Diaper Bag for the new mom or mama-to-be in your life, and she’ll be sure to thank you later.