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10 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas Your Bride Tribe Will Love

Is your wedding day quickly approaching? These past few months have probably been a whirlwind of stress and excitement as you planned (and paid for) your dream wedding.

Of course, you couldn't do it alone. Your besties were probably right there by your side helping you stuff invitations, plan centerpieces, and create welcome bags.

You'll want to take a moment before the wedding to thank them for everything they've done over the past few months and reiterate how lucky you are to have them in your life. And there's no better way to show your appreciation than by giving out bridesmaid gifts.

Are you looking for some inspiration? Keep reading to discover the top 10 bridesmaid gift ideas that your girls will love.

1. Stylish Weekend Bag

Belmont Cabin Bag

Do you have bridesmaids that live out of town? Have you always wanted a Vegas weekend bachelorette party?

If you answered "yes" to either of these questions, a stylish weekend bag would make the perfect gift for your bridesmaids. It gives them something small and convenient to use when they fly in for your wedding or travel for your bachelorette party. Plus, they'll be able to use it for years to come whenever they want to come home for the holidays or go on a weekend getaway with their husband.

2. Baggage Handle Wrap

Baggage Handle

Do your bridesmaids love to travel? If so, they likely already have some great pieces of luggage. 

But sometimes women sacrifice comfort for style. If your girls are always carrying heavy weekend bags, give them a baggage handle wrap.

it's a stylish way to add a little extra padding to the straps, so they can carry their bag without having to worry about a sore shoulder.

3. Tote Bag

St. Anne

If your girls are more likely to go on day trips, a stylish tote bag may be the better option. They are still fairly large, so your bridesmaids can use them whenever they take their kids (or future kids) to the zoo or amusement park.

Let's not forget how hectic your wedding day will be. Your bridesmaids will likely want to bring emergency supplies to your wedding, like a mirror, hairspray, bobby pins, and perfume. A tote bag will allow them to carry everything they need and prevent everyone's belongings from getting mixed together.

4. Cosmetic Bag

Cosmetic case

Of course, your bridesmaids will need somewhere to put all their new makeup. If you want a cute way to present their gift, consider getting cosmetic bags too!

But don't just get any makeup bag. A high-quality leather cosmetic bag will make your girls feel like royalty and give them a convenient and stylish way to transport their makeup whenever they travel.

5. Passport Case

Are you having a destination wedding? Or maybe your bridesmaids just love to travel. Either way, you can't go wrong with a passport case.

Not only does it protect their passport, but in many cases, it comes with an extra pocket in the middle to hold their boarding passes or other valuable paperwork. It'll help them travel in style and stay organized. 

6. Luggage Tag

Right now you may be thinking, "A passport case sounds like a great idea! But I want to find something to go with it to complete the gift."

If that sounds familiar, consider getting a luxurious luggage tag. Losing your luggage at the airport can be a nightmare. But it'll be even worse if there's no luggage tag telling airport employees who it belongs to and where it can be sent.

Gifting your bridesmaids a durable and stylish luggage tag will help ensure their luggage will be returned if it's ever lost. Plus, if you customize it with their initials and a fun pattern, it'll make their luggage recognizable, so they can spot it right away on the carousel. 

7. Book Jacket

Who doesn't love to curl up with a good book during rainy or snowy days? But if your bridesmaids also like to read while they're on the go (like in the airport or on the subway), they may end up with tattered or torn books.

durable book jacket can be the solution they've been looking for! It gives them a chance to protect their beloved books while staying chic and stylish.

8. Snap Valet

Did you give you girls some jewelry to wear on the wedding day? If they already have an impressive collection of jewelry, their wedding day accessories may get lost in the mix.

snap valet offers the perfect solution. It gives them a stylish place to hold any small item they need for your wedding to ensure they don't forget anything. And once the wedding is over, they can use it to hold things like loose change and keys in their home or on their desk at work.

9. Eyeglass Case

Have you ever gotten excited about a new pair of sunglasses just to discover the lens got scratched after just a few days? When you toss your sunglasses into your purse without any protection, this is bound to happen.

That's why a personalized eyeglass case is a great gift to give your bridesmaids. They'll never have to worry about scratched lenses again!

10. Keyring Wallet

It's always fun to shop for big, stylish wallets. But big isn't always better.

If your bridesmaids are always running out of room in their purse or are constantly digging for their keys, a keyring wallet is perfect. It has enough room for a few cards and some cash. Plus, there's a convenient ring to attach their keys to, so they never get lost.

It's a great way for your bridesmaids to bring everything they need to your wedding without taking up any extra room in their already-packed tote bag!

Best Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

There's no better way to thank your bride tribe than by giving them the perfect gift. Just follow our guide to find the best bridesmaid gift ideas from weekend bags to book jackets.

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