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Meet our new Marketing Manager, Katie!

Hi everyone!

Katie here, the new Marketing Manager at Barrington! You may start to see a lot more of me, as I’m about a month into the new role and thought it was time to introduce myself and tell you my 3 favorite Barrington items I use every day!

Originally from Louisiana and a graduate of Ole Miss, I made the move over to Texas about 2 years ago and have been loving it. Although I am super close with my family and miss them every day, luckily the drive isn’t too far for me to make plenty of visits home  Another fun fact about my home is that I grew up on a Cotton Farm, which makes it even that much more special! Even though city life in Dallas is a ton of fun, I still love a day on the farm more than anything in the world!

katie cotton

In my spare time, I love to exercise, hang out with friends and family, spend time outdoors and… paint cookies! I have quite a fun side hobby that I picked up a little over a year ago and now it’s turned into a mini-side business! I come from a crafty family and have learned everything I know from my mom, so a few years ago we were experimenting with a new way to decorate cookies and our creative selves fell in love with this method! If you want to follow along on the fun, you can follow me on instagram @knfcalligraphy! Check out these Barrington inspired cookies I made with some leftover dough I had from an order.

katie Cookies

When starting at Barrington, I was so excited to get some products I had been eyeing for a while! Here are my top 3 must have items and why.

St. Anne Tote

katie St. Anne

This is probably obvious, but this is my most favorite item we have because it’s perfect for EVERYTHING! Work, gym, travel, life… it’s the perfect size to fit it all. I carry all my daily essentials, such as my laptop, my noteworthy book jacket journal( my other favorite Barrington item I am getting to next…), wallet, keys, phone, sunglasses, headphones, and my lunch! On the weekends or early mornings when I am headed to a workout class, I remove my computer and stash my water bottle or spin shoes for an easy way to carry those things as well. 

Not only is it great for everyday, but for Travel! It’s the perfect size for a carry on and to keep up with all your must-haves on an airplane or road trip. I usually take my iPad, snacks, magazines and the other usual essentials. With customizing the exterior just for you, you know you’ve created a statement piece that will catch some eyes in the airport!

My tote is oyster Geometric + yellow monogram.

Noteworthy Book Jacket

I’m a lover of all things paper, so I knew I was going to love this journal. The jacket is so durable and protects your journal so well. The journal paper has gold edges which makes the entire thing look gorgeous. I’m already half way through my book because I am a note taker (and doodler…!) so I know I will have to order some refills soon! I also love the color combo I picked out here, this is cadet chambray + navy/white stripe combo. 

My last “top 3” favorite items was hard to pick, but if I HAVE to pick, I think it would be the… 

Eyeglass Case

There are just too many cute ways to design these, and I’ve discovered it’s even more fun to have multiple eyeglass cases and change them out each week! If you're someone who would rather a more neutral tote, this is a great way to have a little more fun with another item! This case has extra padding to protect your glasses or sunglasses and you can just slide out the glasses for easy access. I went with something a little “busier” for my case, and love the combo of the sand gingham + navy/french blue monogram!

I could tell you why I love every item at Barrington, but then we’d be here all day! So for today, I’ll leave it to these three! I’m so excited and happy to be at Barrington, so hopefully you’ll hear more from me soon.