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Monogram Baggage Handle Wrap

  • 5.75"L X 1.5"D closed

  • Clear slot for business card

  • Easy to use velcro closure

  • Made of durable, water-resistant nylon canvas

  • Dust bag included

When your suitcase or duffle bag needs something to differentiate it from another, the monogram handle wrap is just what you need. This wrap is 5.75” x 1.5” when it’s closed around your handle, with an easy to use velcro closure. It’s also made of water-resistant nylon canvas, so it’s pretty durable for all your travels. On the interior of the wrap, there is a clear slot for a business card or contact information. Design a fun colored wrap to add to your suitcase, so it’s easy to spot at the baggage claim next time you travel!

Personalize Your Luggage with Customizable Monogram Wrap

This personalized luggage handle wrap allows you to add a monogram of your initials to make your bag stand out. It’s easy to customize and choose the colors that best coordinate with your suitcase. You’ll love how easy it is to identify your luggage while traveling! Whether you’re the traveler in the family, or just need something to give your luggage a pop of color, this monogram luggage handle wrap is perfect for you!

Easy to Spot Your Bag at the Airport with Monogrammed Handle Wrap

After a long flight, the last thing you want to do is search around the airport for your bag. With a monogram luggage handle wrap, it’s easy to spot your bag among all the others in an instant and save time. Plus, it looks stylish and adds a unique touch! Keep your luggage safe with this personalized luggage wrap that allows you to easily identify it at any time. Personalized luggage handle wraps are perfect for the stylish traveler who wants to add a unique touch to their suitcase.

Keep Track of Your Suitcase with Durable Baggage Handle Wraps

Carry-ons are great, but sometimes you have to check your luggage. With a personalized luggage handle wrap, you can easily identify your bag at the luggage stand. It’s the perfect way to keep track of your suitcase and make sure it reaches its destination safely. The durable nylon canvas construction keeps your bag secure, and the easy to use velcro closure ensures that it stays in place no matter where you go.

Get a Unique and Stylish Look for Your Luggage with Monogrammed Handle Wraps

The perfect way to personalize your suitcase and make sure it stands out at the airport is to have a monogram luggage handle wrap on the luggage handle. With customizable colors and options to add your initials, a monogram luggage handle wrap is the best way to get a unique look that’s sure to turn heads! Plus, you can be sure that no one else will have the same suitcase as you with your own custom luggage tag.

Perfect Gift for the Traveler

If you know someone who loves to travel, why not get them a personalized luggage handle wrap? It’s the perfect way to show that you care and make sure their bag stands out from the rest. Get them the perfect gift for their next trip with a monogram luggage handle wrap. They’ll love how easy it is to identify their bag and the stylish look that comes their own luggage tag!

Traveling is one of the best ways to explore and experience new places, cultures, and people. It’s a great way to get away from the routine of everyday life and open yourself up to something different. But when you’re traveling, it can be hard to keep track of your belongings at times. That’s why having a quality personalized luggage handle wrap is essential for any traveler. Not only does it make your bag stand out from all the others in an instant, but it also adds a unique touch that reflects your own style! With its durable nylon canvas construction and easy-to-use velcro closure, you can be sure that no matter where you go, your bag will stay secure while still looking stylish with its customizable colors and personalized luggage handle wrap.

Perfect for Cruising

When boarding a cruise, your luggage is usually loaded a cart with lots of other passengers luggage items. With a personalized luggage handle wrap, you can easily spot your bag from the rest and identify it quickly! Plus, you’ll be sure that no one else has the same exact suitcase as yours with your custom id luggage tags.

Add a Touch of Luxury and Class to Your Luggage with Monogrammed Handles Wraps

When you’re traveling, you want to look your best and carry your belongings in style. A personalized luggage handle wrap is the perfect way to add a touch of luxury and class to your suitcase. With its customizable colors and personalization options, it’s sure to turn heads at the airport, hotel or cruise port! If you have a friend or loved one that travels frequently, this makes a great gift!

Keep Contact Information on Your Suitcase with Monogrammed Handle Wrap

Travelling can be stressful and there’s always a chance of your suitcase getting lost in transit. That’s why it’s important to have your contact information on the bag. With a personalized luggage handle wrap, you can easily add your name, address, phone number or email for easy identification in case of any mishaps. With it's durable nylon construction, it will last for years to come!

Not Just For Traveling

Monogrammed handle wraps aren’t just for traveling, it also makes a great addition to any bag. Whether you’re carrying a gym bag, beach tote or laptop case, the personalized luggage handle wrap will add a stylish and unique touch that will make sure your bag stands out from all the rest! They can go on lunch boxes and even fancy gift bags. They can also be used at home as a luggage identifier for each of your family members to make packing and organizing easier!

Secure and Durable with Monogrammed Handle Wraps

Monogrammed handle wraps are the perfect way to ensure your bag is secure, yet stylish. Made of durable nylon canvas with a velcro closure, you can be sure that no matter where your travels take you, your bag will stay safely closed. And with its customizable look, it is perfect for luggage identification at a busy airport, cruise terminal, or bus station.