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Gifts for the Groomsmen


Just as a bride has her bridesmaids, the man in her life needs his buddies to share in the celebration too. Maybe his pals are friends he’s known since diapers, maybe they played on a sports team together in high school, or met through Church, college or a fraternity. However he met his “best men”, he needs a great way to say thanks for being a part of his life. Here are our top picks for gifts for the Groomsmen:

passport case

Glasgow Passport Case

Surely, these guys have taken a trip or two in their lifetime. Maybe they haven’t been out of the country quite yet, but hopefully it’s in their long term travel plan! Gift the groomsmen all leather passport cases, made of premium Florentine leather. It’ll last for years to come and they will always remember being a part of the wedding on every trip they take. Add initials for the personal touch.

Money Clip

A trusty money clip can suit almost anyone. Our best selling men’s item, the Original Money Clip is the ideal solution to the oversized wallet. It has a spacious card slot and a leather encased magnet, strong enough to hold cash without demagnetizing credit cards. It even comes in 3 durable, premium leather options, so you could choose which leather is best for each guy.  And of course, it can be personalized for each groomsman!

chapman key fob

Chapman Key Fob

One of our favorite simple gift ideas is the Chapman Key Fob. Made of premium Florentine leather, this key fob has a smooth twist-action closure which allows quick key removal at the valet. It’s not bulky and can fit nicely in his pocket as well.

slim card case 

Covington Slim Card Case

If the Money Clip just isn’t his thing, or he still wants something a bit slimmer, the Covington Slim Card Case is the gift for this groomsman. It’s the perfect size to fit his necessities such as his ID and credit card. It has, 3 slide pockets on the front and 1 slide pocket on the back. Add his initials on the front side.