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Design Team Fall Favorites 2019

Design Team Fall Favorites

At Barrington, we have an entire Design Team that works hard all year on new patterns for all four seasons- Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter! Now that our new fall patterns have been released, we had each design team member tell us what their favorite pattern is and why! 

Katie's FavoriteChoosing a favorite pattern of all the new fall patterns is super hard! I have to say- I am torn between almost every single one, but I’ll cooperate and pick a favorite! My favorite fall pattern is the Ramsey Plaid. Because it’s a navy-based plaid, it still can read neutral, yet it has the adorable plaid look to it. I love plaid during the fall and winter, so I know I’ll be sporting a tote with this pattern pretty often!

Wylly's Favorite

Green Geometric for me! My favorite color has always been green and the rich palette of subtle shades within the dark British racing green family are the perfect fall accent - right on trend and timelessly classic. I love it equally with our British tan and or black leather. It’s a sophisticated accent to everything from jeans to board room suiting. Green is the neutral that goes with everything! 

Charlene's FavoriteI love the new Pink Watch pattern for all of Fall and Winter! I wear a LOT of navy blue, so clearly I’m drawn to the colors in the pattern. But also, I love pink!! The thin lines of pale pink in this plaid are just right. Personally, I will always put a monogram stripe on this one that has some pink in it. Either blush and white, blush and slipper or rosé and blush. But of course, there are plenty of stripes that will look great on this pattern that don’t involve pink. [I also love how this pattern pairs so well with the Campbell Dress Plaid or Hunter Green Geometric or Black Watch Plaid!]

My favorite new product is the Hanging Toiletry Kit! I’ve already used it during a trip, and it was perfect hanging on a hook in the hotel bathroom. I chose to keep most of my items in the kit, and just grab them out of the case when I needed them, and put them right back.

Amy's Favorite

I love everything about the Camel Plaid pattern! I carry the St. Anne zippered tote as a purse. The neutral color goes with everything in my Fall wardrobe. 

I picked the Navy and White Block Solo monogram but had a hard time deciding on that because the green and walnut colors look so great too.

Sam's FavoriteMy new fall favorite is Floral Shadow, as this one was based off inspiration I brought in. I love the simplicity of the 2 colors, but it’s still a busy enough pattern to not be too neutral or simple. Navy is such a fall/winter staple and paired with the grey color will be such a great everyday tote to tie into almost every outfit. 

Aften's FavoriteThe Steeplechase Collection is my favorite pattern this season. With its hand-painted, oversized equestrian motif, it's timeless yet right on trend for Fall/Winter 19.