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Texas Moms Get a Sneak Peak of New Tote

This lucky group of Texas moms got an exclusive sneak peak at our new bag silhouette: The St. Anne Tote. Each mom got to pick her own school colors and pattern and got her initials debossed onto the leather patch. Some chose based on their own school, others picked the school where their son or daughter was currently attending. Amy, the mom on the left, had a very interesting motivation in her bag choice: her husband is currently serving in the US Military in Afghanistan. She wanted red, white and blue as a reminder to keep him constantly in her prayers. All the moms agreed that the variety in colors and patterns, plus the ability to put their initials on their bag, made these Barrington totes their new go-to bags.

Meet the Team: CeCe Chen

CeCe Chen was quite shy when she first joined Barrington in 2004, owed in part to her deafness. Soon after her first day of work, several Barrington co-workers made a commitment to learn sign language and befriended CeCe. Today, CeCe has blossomed into a confident, outgoing and popular member of the Barrington family at our factory in Xiamen, China. She now seeks out new employees and gives of herself to make them feel comfortable and respected as integral members of the team. She loves the nurturing, supportive atmosphere at the factory, where value is placed on friendship, encouragement and excellence.