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The Extra Large Tote Bag: Your Go-To Companion For All Occasions

  • Dimensions 27"L X 15"H X 11"D
  • Strap Drop 9"
  • Gold Barrington zipper closure
  • Made of durable, water-resistant nylon canvas
  • Premium Florentine leather accents and trim
  • Barrington custom poly twill lining
  • Open top tote bag
  • 6 interior slide pockets
  • Dust bag included aria-hidden=

When you need an extra large tote, but you also crave the security of a zippered top, the St. Charles Zippered Yacht tote is ideal. It can carry everything you need while you still have the option to zip it all up! Use this tote as your beach or lake tote, and throw in all the towels for the kiddos, snacks, sunscreen, magazines and more.  It’s also the perfect “ballpark” or “afternoon at the park” tote, as you can fit the kid’s football or soccer balls or other games and toys they may want. Don’t forget, there are 6 interior slide pockets to organize the little things that you don’t want to get lost in the tote. If the weather happens to turn sour on you, you can throw everything in the tote, zip it up, and protect the interior. Made of durable, water-resistant nylon canvas, it is also perfect for travel!

Looking for a versatile and stylish bag that can hold all your essentials? Look no further than the Extra Large Tote Bag from Barrington Gifts. With designer Caitlin Wilson's stunning patterns, this bag is not only practical but also a fashion statement.

Spacious And Convenient

The Extra Large Tote Bag is designed to carry everything you need for your daily activities. From clothes and shoes to your laptop and wallet, this bag has ample room for it all.

Perfect For Overnight Trips

With its spacious interior and sturdy straps, this bag is perfect as an overnight bag or weekend getaway companion. You can fit all your essentials inside, including clothing, toiletries, and electronics.

High-Quality Material

At Barrington Gifts, quality is our top priority. That's why we use only the finest materials to create our bags. From the soft yet durable exterior to the sturdy handles, this bag is built to last.

Stylish Design

With Caitlin Wilson's beautiful designs, the Extra Large Tote Bag is a stylish accessory to any outfit. It's available in a variety of colors and patterns to suit your personal style.

Easy To Carry

The sturdy straps on the Extra Large Tote Bag make it easy to carry, even when it's full of your belongings. Plus, it's lightweight and convenient to take with you wherever you go.

Versatile Functionality

This bag is not only great for trips and travel but also as an everyday tote bag. Take it with you to work, school, or the gym. It's perfect for carrying all your essentials in one convenient place.

Perfect Gift Idea

Looking for a thoughtful and practical gift idea? The Extra Large Tote Bag is the perfect choice. It's a stylish and functional accessory that anyone would appreciate.

Pockets And Compartments

With multiple pockets and compartments, the Extra Large Tote Bag helps you stay organized on the go. Keep your wallet, phone, and other essentials secure and easily accessible.

Durable And Long-Lasting

Constructed with high-quality materials and sturdy straps, the Extra Large Tote Bag is built to last. It can withstand wear and tear from daily use, making it a reliable companion for years to come.