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Stylish Celebration: The Monogrammed Wine Tote for Special Occasions

Transport your fine wines with elegance using the Monogrammed Wine Tote, a perfect accent for any celebratory gathering. Fenwick Fields' mesmerizing Blue Bamboo and Pink Botanical Stripe patterns add an enchanting touch to your event's sophistication.

Personalize your wine caddy experience with a custom monogram, celebrating the art of toasting and gifting. Whether you're presenting a wedding gift or heading to an intimate dinner, this wine tote, with its two bottle capacity, is your stylish companion.

Function and Flair in Harmony

The thoughtfully crafted Westport Wine Tote features a plush interior and secure strap drop, ensuring your chosen vintages travel in secure style. Its dimensions and water-resistant material promise lasting durability and timeless appeal.

The addition of a corkscrew in a dedicated Florentine leather case makes for spontaneous celebrations – an epitome of preparedness meets charm in every detail.

Monogrammed Wine Tote Design

Decadent Designs Elevating Toasting Traditions

Each Fenwick Fields wine tote is spruced with designs reflecting the playful yet graceful aesthetic imagined by Annie Stull and Emily Johnson. Carry your spirits encased in the elegant Leaf Trellis or regal French Country Coterie, an ode to nature's foliage and florals masterfully reimagined in bold strokes.

Savor the art of wine gifting with a flourish, each pattern echoing a personal storyline, linked back to roots in childhood joviality and gaiety, a trait upheld diligently with every pour.

Printed Wine Tote - Finished Monogram

Personalize Your Tribute With A Monogram

The Fenwick Fields wine tote invites personalization, inviting you to choose a lettering style that encapsulates your or your recipient’s identity. With the option of a leather patch prominently adorning its façade, you bridge the gap between loving gesture and artful expression.

Make sharing a bottle of wine a moment that transcends the pour, creating memories stitched into the very fabric of the wine tote. A loving dance of namesakes and nuances – bestowing upon your loved ones the finest in winery accoutrements.

Gift the essence of stylish transport this season with a Monogrammed Wine Tote. Epitomizing the Fenwick Fields ethos for charming gatherings, delight in designs that are as rich in story as they are in style.