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The St. Anne Personalized Zippered Tote: Embrace Chic Functionality with a Monogrammed Touch

Seamlessly navigate between work, travel, and leisure with the stunning Monogrammed Zippered Tote. The Fenwick Fields collection, including the refined Blue Bamboo and elegant Pink Botanical Stripe, offers a gorgeous array of patterns to reflect your style.

Infuse personality into your daily carry with a monogrammed leather patch, ensuring every outing is marked with sophistication. Crafted for the dynamic individual, this zippered tote is a testament to your vibrant lifestyle.

A Bounty of Space Coupled with Exquisite Design

Curated to be the perfect carry-on, the St. Anne Zippered Tote is spacious and secure. It proudly stands with dimensions of 19.5"L X 15"H X 7"D, providing a commodious sanctuary for all your belongings.

With a confident zip closure and crafted from durable, water-resistant nylon canvas, accompanied by Florentine leather accents, it's the fortress your items deserve, all wrapped in the artistic embodiments of the Fenwick Fields collection.

St. Anne Zippered Tote in Pink Botanical Stripe

Carrying in Couture: The Fenwick Fields Aesthetic

The St. Anne Tote turns heads with its array of attractive prints from the Fenwick Fields collection. A fashion-forward statement that echoes the creative verve of founders Annie Stull and Emily Johnson, this tote merges interior design nuance with the functionality of a day-to-day essential.

Each print, from the lush Leaf Trellis to the serene Floral Trellis Collection, draws inspiration from the mesmerizing choreography of nature and textiles, making this zippered tote a nomadic work of art.

St. Anne Petite Zippered Handbag

Endless Possibilities with Custom Monogramming

Personalization sits at the heart of the St. Anne Tote experience. Opt for your initials to be neatly debossed onto the leather patch—salute to the brand's storied craftsmanship, offering an intimate aspect that makes your tote indisputably yours.

Whether you're traversing globetrotter routes or enchanting city corners, your monogrammed zippered tote stands as a companion on every expedition—crafted and configured to captivate.

Unveil a piece that aligns with your rhythm—the St. Anne Tote, designed by Fenwick Fields and perfected by your personal touch. Ignite your daily voyages with function and flair. Discover your ideal Monogrammed Zippered Tote today.