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A Unique Fusion of Style and Functionality: The Monogram Tote

  • Dimensions 20"L X 13"H X 5"D
  • Strap Drop 9"
  • Made of durable, water-resistant nylon canvas
  • Premium Florentine leather accents and trim
  • Barrington custom poly twill lining
  • Open top tote bag
  • 3 interior slide pockets
  • 1 large interior zip pocket
  • Dust bag included
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The St. Anne tote is our best selling, roomy carryall and is the perfect tag-along for your everyday life. There are three slide pockets to organize your phone, keys and wallet, and it’s large enough to carry a laptop computer! There is even one large interior zippered pocket to secure any important items. Customers love this tote as a work bag, as it’s big enough to take your computer, lunch and your other “must-haves” all in one tote. It’s also a great “Mom” bag. It will hold your own items + the things you need for your children. Many people use the St. Anne as a travel tote. It fits perfectly under the seat of an airplane and can hold your travel essentials such as magazines, snacks, an iPad and more. This is our customer’s favorite product, as it’s versatile and meets the needs of anyone who purchases it. 

Welcome to the world of personalized fashion, where style meets functionality. Discover the beauty of the Monogram tote, a perfect blend of elegance and utility, designed exclusively by the renowned designer Caitlin Wilson.

Personalized Tote Bags: For The Woman On The Go

Every modern woman needs a companion to keep up with her fast-paced life. Our monogram tote is that reliable partner, offering ample space to carry all your essentials while adding a stylish touch to your everyday attire.

Monogram Tote Bags: Making A Fashion Statement

In the realm of fashion, the monogram tote bag stands out as a statement piece. With its eye-catching design, it's more than just a bag—it's a fashion accessory that complements your style and personality.

Monogrammed Tote Bags: The Perfect Blend of Style and Substance

Our monogrammed tote bags are not just aesthetically pleasing but also practical. They're sturdy, spacious, and versatile, making them a great monogrammed gift for anyone who appreciates style and function.

Monogram Tote Bag: A Canvas Of Personal Expression

The canvas tote offers a blank slate to express your style. With a wide variety of monogram styles and colors available, there are many options to personalize your tote bag and make it your own.

Tote Bag: A Must-Have For Every Wardrobe

Tote bags have become a staple in every wardrobe thanks to their versatility and stylish appeal. Be it for business or leisure; our monogrammed bags are sure to suit any occasion.

Tote Bags: Celebrating Individuality With Monogrammed Bags

Celebrate your individuality with our range of personalized totes. Each item is a testament to your unique style and taste, from monogrammed totes to monogrammed purses.

Monogrammed Bag: Your Everyday Essential

With the capacity to hold all your essentials, the monogram tote is perfect for everyday use. Whether shopping, going to work, or simply out for a fun day, it's a bag that won't disappoint you.

Monogrammed Purses: Personalized Purses for a Unique Style Statement

Why blend in when you can stand out with our personalized purses? Make a style statement with our monogrammed purses that reflect your personality and taste.

Canvas Tote: A Great Gift For Bridesmaids And More

Looking for a thoughtful yet stylish gift? Look no further. Our canvas tote makes a great gift, especially for bridesmaids. Personalize it with their initials for a special touch they'll appreciate.

Quality And Craftsmanship In Every Stitch

At Barrington Gifts, we believe that the value of a bag lies not just in its aesthetics, but also in its quality and craftsmanship. That's why our monogram tote bags are meticulously crafted using the finest materials and techniques. From the sturdy canvas body to the intricate monogramming, each detail is carefully considered to ensure you receive a bag that's as durable as it is beautiful. Trust us, this is one investment you won't regret.

Discover our collection of Monogrammed Bags today and join our community of satisfied customers who refuse to compromise on style or practicality. Don't wait; shop now and experience the difference!