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The Westport Leather Wine Tote

Never show up empty-handed again at a dinner party, tailgate or family reunion! The Westport Personalized Leather Wine Tote will forever be your tote of choice as you head to a picnic or dinner with friends. This leather wine tote is suited to carry 2 bottles of wine or another bottle of similar size. The interior is made of wipeable neutral nylon lining, so no need to worry if anything spills. You’ll never forget a corkscrew again either, as this tote comes with one packaged in a Florentine leather case attached to the tote. If gifting this to a couple, you can even choose to monogram the leather patch with a single letter monogram- an ideal for a wedding gift for the newlywed couple!

  • Dimensions 11.5"L X 12.5"H X 3.75"D

  • Strap Drop 5.5"

  • Made of Premium Florentine leather

  • Wipeable neutral nylon lining

  • Holds 2 wine bottles

  • Corkscrew in a Florentine leather case included

  • Dust bag included

This wine tote is perfect for wine lovers who want a sophisticated and stylish way to carry their wine bottles and keeping them safe. The personalized design makes it a unique and special gift for any occasion.

The Difference In Leather Wine Totes And Leather Wine Bags

A leather wine tote is a type of carrying bag made specifically for holding wine bottles. It comes down to the name. We felt with this premium quality, tote sounded more sophisticated. If you would rather call them leather wine bags, or even leather wine tote bags, that is your choice. So what makes this the best? These totes are made of high-quality leather and can be personalized with your initials. Wine totes are an ideal gift for any wine lover and are a stylish and sophisticated way to transport wine.

Carry Wine In Style With Benefits

There are many benefits to using a leather wine tote, including protection for your glass bottles, easy transportation, and a unique way to gift wine. There are some totes out there that only hold one single bottle of wine. We think two is better than one, so we designed it this way. You can just take one bottle of wine, or a bottle of wine and a bottle of water, or something else; we leave the option to you. When you are enjoying that trip to the beach or the perfect picnic spot at the park with class, this is what you want to carry your wine in.

Design Of The Leather Wine Tote

We designed the leather wine tote with the intention of creating a stylish yet practical tote for carrying wine. The leather is strong and durable, providing protection for your bottles. Personalize the front with your initials - making it a unique gift for any wine lover. We remembered the corkscrew! It includes a corkscrew with a corkscrew holder made of the same high-end florentine leather.

Why A Personalized Leather Wine Tote Is The Perfect Gift

Weddings, anniversaries, and other special events are the perfect occasions for gifting a personalized leather wine tote. Not only does it add a unique touch to any event, but it also offers many practical features that make it the ideal gift. The Leather Wine Tote is spacious enough to hold two bottles and can also be customized with your initials. Personalize this leather wine tote for your special someone and make it a cherished keepsake. When they open this and pour a glass of wine from it, they will remember how important you are to them. Personalized items show you really care and put thought into it.

Better Than Any Other Leather Wine Bag

This is made of premium Florentine leather, not some cheap genuine leather wine bag or other leather wine carriers. You might wonder what the difference is when you shop for an item like this, but the answer is simple: quality. When it comes to the superior craftsmanship, material quality, and attention to detail of this tote, there is no comparison. This should last a lifetime. It will become your go-to for transporting your favorite bottles of wine in your collection, not just for you but for everyone at your party!

Make A Statement That You Enjoy Elegant Quality

You can make a statement wherever you go with the Leather Wine Tote. It's an elegant, timeless, and practical way to carry your wine, and the personalized touch makes it extra special. Give this as a gift or keep it for yourself - whatever you decide, you can't go wrong with this beautiful tote!