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Baggage Handle Wrap - Leather Patch

Add this personalized touch to your bag handle, making it easy to spot your suitcase at the baggage claim!

  • 5.75"L X 1.5"D closed

  • Clear slot for business card

  • Easy to use velcro closure

  • Made of durable, water-resistant nylon canvas

  • Dust bag included

Make Your Luggage Stand Out with Our Personalized Baggage Handle Wrap

No more waiting endlessly at the baggage claim! Our personalized luggage handle wrap easily lets you spot your luggage in a crowd of look-alikes. Constructed from durable, water-resistant nylon canvas, our wrap includes a clear slot for inserting your business card and an easy to use velcro closure. Instantly make your bag stand out at baggage carousels!

Easily Spot Your Suitcase in the Baggage Claim Area with a Customizable Leather Patch

Make it easy to locate your suitcase with our personalized luggage handle wraps. Choose from an array of colors and add your initials for a personalized touch. Our personalized luggage handle wrap is the perfect travel accessory for the frequent flyer! With this luggage wrap, you can create your own style to spot your bags from a distance.

Spotting your suitcase at a baggage claim can be an anxiety-inducing experience, especially if it looks like every other luggage on the carousel. To avoid this, our personalized luggage handle wrap is the perfect solution to make sure that you never have to worry about your luggage getting lost in the shuffle.

Easy to Use Velcro Closure & Clear Slot for Business Card & Contact Information

Our personalized luggage handle wraps feature a clear slot to insert your business card or contact information and an easy to use velcro closure. This makes it simple for the airline personnel to recognize your baggage and get it back to you quickly if it gets misplaced in transit. And if someone accidentally picks it up at the baggage carousel, they can quickly see your contact information and contact you.

Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Suitcase with Our Handle Wrap

Show off your style and make sure that you never have to worry about losing your luggage with our personalized handle wrap. It's the perfect finishing touch for any baggage! With a choice of colors and customizable initials, it's easy to create an elegant look for your luggage. And it makes a great gift for frequent flyers or anyone who is always on go. It can go along with or take the place of other luggage tags as it can be it's own.

Perfect Gift Idea - Monogrammed Handle Wrap

This cute personalized luggage handle wrap is the perfect gift idea for friends and family members. When coming up with ideas for the right gifts for someone, it can be hard. But thankfully with luggage handle wraps, you can give them a touch of personalization to their traveling! Their luggage will stand out at the airport or if they are just carrying it around.

Not Just For Luggage

Just because we call these personalized luggage handle wraps, that doesn't mean that they are only for luggage. They are great for gym bags, backpacks, or anything else that has a handle. So, the next time you are looking for a unique way to add some personalization to your items, consider one of our personalized luggage handle wraps! Then you won't have to worry about ever losing any of your bags no matter where you are.

Save Time With Luggage Wraps

A personalized luggage handle wrap helps with time saving by making your stuff stand out. With a pattern that you choose printed on the outside and your initials to give it that extra special touch, you will be able to quickly identify and grab your luggage. No need to waste time waiting around the baggage claim, only to realize that your luggage has been taken by someone else. With our personalized luggage handle wrap you can quickly identify and grab your stuff!

No Need For Other Luggage Tags

While you might still like having a standard luggage tag, you no longer need one with this personalized luggage handle wrap. It is all inclusive and can have all of your contact information on the inside and then your initials imprinted on the outside. And you can style with with whatever pattern your heart desires so it's sure to not look like any other luggage wrap out there!

Great Mother's Day Gift

Does your mom like to travel? Does her luggage resemble everyone else's when she takes a trip? Then a personalize luggage handle wrap is the perfect gift for her! Her luggage can stand out at the airport so easy identification and to help her get on her way to enjoying her vacation. With the ability to customize them with any initials and choice of pattern, you can make sure that they receive something unique that they will love.

Keep Your Luggage Secure & Safe with a Personalized Handle Wrap

You can rest assured that your luggage is safe and secure with a personalized luggage handle wrap. With a velcro closure, you know that your luggage won't suddenly come open at the handles. The luggage handle wrap is made with high quality materials so it is sure to last for every trip.

A luggage handle wrap is a great addition to any hotel experience, as it helps easily identify your bags when they are waiting for you at the check-in desk or by the bell station. Additionally, they provide an extra layer of security, with a strong velcro closure that keeps your possessions safe and sound throughout your trip.

Travel in Style with Our Customized Handle Wrap

Made with quality materials, this personalized luggage handle wrap is sure to last no matter how many times you travel. Plus, it makes a great gift for a friend or anyone who loves to travel. With the ability to customize with any design and initials of your choice, you can make sure that they receive something unique and special!