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Create Your Signature Look with a Personalized Tote with Leather Trim

Embrace everyday sophistication with the Personalized Tote with Leather Trim, crafted beautifully to become your go-to accessory. Adorned with Drawbertson’s vibrant patterns like The Love American Style Collection and The Dog Park Collection, this tote fuses utility with eye-catching design.

With a wealth of storage and a dash of designer intrigue, your monogrammed leather patch underscores the unique style you bring to every occasion.

Capture the Essence of Convenience and Style

Designed with a keen eye for detail, the Nantucket Tote effortlessly houses your necessities while showcasing your fashion prowess. At 19.5"L X 15"H X 7"D, it's the perfect size for an on-the-go lifestyle, balancing spacious utility and sleek contours.

The 9.5" strap drop promises a perfect grip, whether you're traversing city streets or boarding your next flight.

Open Top View of the Nantucket Monogrammed Tote Bag

Your Ultimate Bespoke Accessory

Exclusive Drawbertson prints bestow each tote with a narrative — every color, every line whispers tales of inspired moments. Encapsulate your individuality with a monogram, an ode to personal elegance nestled within water-resistant nylon and sumptuous leather trim.

Carry a touch of Drawbertson's flamboyant artistry, infusing your every stride with unmatched creative spirit.

front view of the Nantucket Monogrammed Tote with a leather patch

Experience Exquisite Craftsmanship

Every aspect of the Nantucket Tote exudes quality, from the meticulous construction to the functional design that invites you to curate its contents. Beautifully mirrored in Drawbertson’s artistic energy, the tote is an expression of Barrington's dedication to fine craftsmanship.

A premium lifestyle choice engineered to stand the test of time — and tell your story in rich color and texture.

Curate your personalized narrative with a tote designed for dynamism and adorned with Drawbertson's artistic statement. Extend your self-expression beyond just style; let it be a testament to a life richly lived. Begin your journey with a bespoke Personalized Tote with Leather Trim at Barrington Gifts.