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Norfolk Monogrammed Crossbody Bag - Monogram Stripe WBG

  • Dimensions 11"L X 8"H X 3"D

  • Strap Drop 24", adjustable to your preference

  • Made of premium Florentine leather

  • Barrington custom poly twill lining

  • Zippered top closure

  • 1 interior zip pocket

  • 1 interior slide pocket

  • 1 exterior zip pocket

  • Dust bag included

Spacious, colorful, durable and designed just for you, the Norfolk Crossbody is a must when needing a cute and fun crossbody. This cross body has 3 pockets total, 1 exterior zip pocket and 2 interior pockets- one zip and one slide. This bag is ideal if you need to compartmentalize your belongings. With a zippered top, this small bag is useful when traveling and needing to zip everything up while on the move. The leather strap is adjustable, making it the perfect fit for the woman carrying it. Design it with your monogram, pattern and colorful stripe. 

Luxury & Style

Take a step up in style with our Norfolk Crossbody Bag! Designed specifically with the luxury believer in mind, this small but mighty bag is the perfect blend of chic and comfort. Made with premium Florentine leather, complete with Barrington custom poly twill lining, this bag is sure to last. Whether you're on-the-go running errands or out for a night of fun, its adjustable strap drop of 24" makes it easy to carry around your daily essentials. A zippered top locks everything securely in place and its two interior pockets – one zip and one slide – keep all your belongings organized so you know where to find them. All these extras come together for the perfect crossbody that offers both form and function; a true winner! Elegantly emblazoned with an array of colors, it's sure to make anyone swoon. Get yours now and experience why Barrington's luxury line is loved by so many!

A Colorful And Spacious Must-Have

Are you looking for a fun and practical crossbody that can keep up with you wherever you go? Look no further than the Barrington Norfolk Crossbody! Made of premium Florentine leather and with a beautiful Monogram Stripe WBG design, this crossbody is both stylish and functional. With its spacious compartments, adjustable strap, and durable construction, the Norfolk Crossbody is the perfect accessory for any woman on the go.

The Norfolk Crossbody measures at 11"L X 8"H X 3"D, making it the ideal size for carrying all of your must-have essentials without weighing you down. The strap, which measures at 24" and is adjustable to your personal preference, is made of premium Florentine leather, making it both stylish and durable. Whether you're headed to work, running errands, or traveling, the Norfolk Crossbody is the perfect size to carry all of your essentials.

One of the best features of the Norfolk Crossbody is its zippered top closure, which makes it easy to keep all of your belongings secure and organized, especially when you're on the move. The bag also includes one interior zip pocket and one interior slide pocket, along with an exterior zip pocket, allowing you to easily compartmentalize your belongings and stay organized throughout the day.

When it comes to design, the Barrington Norfolk Crossbody does not disappoint. The Monogram Stripe design, which features a colorful pattern of stripes and personalized monogramming, is both fun and unique. The bag also has a Barrington custom poly twill lining, adding an extra touch of luxury to the design.

High Quality Crossbody Bags

The Barrington Norfolk Crossbody is not just another crossbody bag. It is a high-quality, durable, and stylish accessory that can help you stay organized and fashionable all at the same time. Whether you're a fashion-conscious consumer or simply looking for a reliable and practical crossbody, the Norfolk Crossbody is an excellent choice. With its adjustable strap, spacious compartments, and unique design, it's no wonder that it's quickly becoming a must-have item for women everywhere. Try it out for yourself and see why the Barrington Norfolk Crossbody is such a popular choice!