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Katie Monogrammed Clear Pouch

  • Dimensions 11.75"L X 8.25"H

  • Multi purpose accessory case with Barrington gold zipper closure

  • Made of high quality clear plastic and water-resistant nylon canvas

  • Premium Florentine leather trim

  • Barrington custom poly twill lining

  • Dust bag included

For the ultimate in organization! Store your small items such as headphones, cash, pens and more in our Clear Katie Pouch. This pouch is also ideal to tuck in your carry-on luggage. Personalize this by choosing a pattern and adding your initials to add a pop of color. This pouch is accented with genuine Florentine leather and our gold Barrington zipper.

This see-through pouch features a leather top with monogrammed initials and a design of blue boots. Perfect for carrying your phone, makeup, and accessories, it adds a touch of personalized flair to any outfit.

Upgrade Your Organization and Style with a Personalized Katie Monogrammed Clear Pouch

Organization and style go hand in hand when you're out and about. You don't want to manage all your small items to be a mess in your carry-on luggage or your handbag. Barrington Gifts has the perfect solution for your organization and style with the Katie Monogrammed Clear Pouch. This pouch is a multi-purpose accessory case that keeps your small items organized and the pouch is easy to locate. The best part of this pouch is that it comes with a gold zipper closure and personalized monogramming option to complete the look you crave. Let's dive into the details of the Katie Monogrammed Clear Pouch.

Monogrammed Clear Pouch at a sports event, perfect for stadium regulations and stylish enough for any fan.

Quality is Key with this Clear Bag

The dimensions of the Katie Monogrammed Clear Pouch is 11.75"L X 8.25"H, making it the perfect size to store all your small items like headphones, pens, cash, charging cables, and more. The pouch is made of high-quality clear plastic to keep your items visible and water-resistant nylon canvas to keep your belongings safe from water damage. The gold zipper closure adds a pop of luxury to the pouch and allows you to open and close the pouch in seconds.

Clear Travel Pouch personalized with initials, showcasing its use for organizing travel essentials.

Make It Your Own With a Monogram

The pouch comes with personalized monogramming, and you can choose from various patterns and colors. The monogramming adds a unique and personalized touch to the bag, and your initials can be added to the pouch. The pouch is accented with genuine Florentine leather to complete the luxury look, and the Barrington custom poly twill lining adds an extra layer of protection to the pouch. The pouch also comes along with a dust bag that is included to keep your pouch safe and new for years!

Transparent Cosmetic Bag with a custom monogram, ideal for keeping beauty products within view.

Multipurpose And Convenient

The pouch is multi-purpose, and you can use it for just about anything you want. You can use it to store your jewelry, makeup, or even as a pencil pouch. The pouch is perfect for traveling as it is compact and fits in your carry-on without taking too much space. The clear plastic makes it easy to locate your items without digging through an entire pouch. The pouch comes with a handle on top, making it easy to carry with you wherever you go.

A monogrammed clear pouch with beach essentials, initialed AHP, on a sandy beach

Organize In Style

When it comes to organization and luxury, the clear pouch from Barrington Gifts ticks all the right boxes. The pouch is compact, lightweight, multi-purpose, and added a personalized touch that makes it unique to you. You can use the bag anywhere you go, whether it's for work or travel. The pouch is water-resistant and comes with a dust bag to ensure that your pouch remains new for years! Get your hands on the pouch now and upgrade your organizational and fashion game with this bag

Upgrade your organizational and fashion game with Barrington Gifts' Katie Monogrammed Clear Pouch! This sturdy and stylish item is crafted from premium-quality clear plastic and water-resistant nylon canvas, with genuine Florentine leather trim for added sophistication. The playful Barrington custom poly twill lining adds a touch of personality to the interior, while the sleek and glimmering gold zipper closure ensures your items are kept safe and secure. Small things like headphones, cash, cards and pens fit comfortably inside, making it perfect for tucking in your hand luggage or everyday purse - plus you can choose from a variety of patterns to personalize it with initials for an extra pop of color. Why settle for anything less than luxurious when organizing your small items? Reach out proudly knowing you have the best product on the market. Shop now!

A personalized clear striped cosmetic bag with the name AMY, held in hand