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Buchanan 13'' Women's Personalized Laptop Case from the Drawbertson Collection

  • Dimensions 14"L x 10"H x .75"D
  • Cushioned interior
  • Slim profile
  • Durable, water-resistant nylon canvas
  • Premium Florentine leather accents and trim
  • Custom Barrington poly twill lining
  • Zip-around closure for security
  • Dust bag included for storage

Part of the distinguished Drawbertson Collection, this case showcases the vibrant and whimsical art that has graced everything from high-profile handbags to the illustrious walls of galleries. Reflecting Donald Robertson's renowned blend of wit and charm, a collaboration with Barrington gives rise to an accessory that not only carries your essentials but also carries a story.

We're proud to announce that in addition to delivering unique style and unparalleled quality, we're committed to making a positive impact. A percentage of sales from each Buchanan 13'' Women's Personalized Laptop Case goes directly to Dallas Children's Advocacy Center — helping those most vulnerable among us.

Uniquely Sophisticated - Exclusively Yours

The Buchanan Women's Laptop Case, born from our collaboration with Donald "Drawbertson" Robertson offers you an exclusive piece of his expressive art. His illustrations are celebrated for their unique blend of fashion-forward vibrancy and witty irreverence, which can now adorn your everyday essential tech accessory.

Incorporate Donald Robertson's artistic flair into your day-to-day life with a Women's Personalized Laptop Case that is as individual as you are. Add a pop of personality into your professional attire or academic ensemble with customizable patterns and initials—redefining both robust protection and aesthetic allure thanks to this special Barrington and Drawbertson collaboration.

Chic Design Meets Artistic Sensibility

Barrington combines practical elegance with Donald Robertson's dynamic artistry to create more than just an ordinary laptop case. Crafted for those who desire a fusion of performance and panache, this piece offers ample cushioning within its slim, sophisticated silhouette.

You're not only investing in a high-caliber accessory but also in a movable piece of art that exemplifies creative triumph in collaboration. Define your narrative through accessories that speak volumes about your devotion to design and appreciation for modern artistry.

Built For Life's Canvases - The Buchanan Way

In life's gallery of moments, the Buchanan 13'' Laptop Case stands out as a masterful composition that seamlessly blends function with aesthetic finesse. It transcends being mere tech gear—it becomes an integral part of your statement-making repertoire.

Holding true to Barrington's legacy of excellence and mix with Drawbertson's trailblazing visuals, this customized laptop case accompanies you as a testament to enduring style mashed with personal sentiment — further enriching every step on your journey with substance and significance.

A Token of Thoughtfulness - With A Heartfelt Contribution

This remarkable piece doesn't just elevate personal style; it embodies the spirit of giving back. Each purchase ignites hope as we proudly allocate funds towards Dallas Children's Advocacy Center through our shared efforts within the Drawbertson Collection—a testament to fashion's power in paving ways for charity.

When you choose this personalized laptop case, you hold a beacon of change—a luxurious tribute crafted not only for aesthetic pleasure but also representing meaningful support towards transformative work against child abuse in Dallas, Texas.

Artful Accessories - The Barrington - Drawbertson Touch

Barrington reimagines what it means to accessorize by injecting Donald Robertson's striking visuals into the fold. These aren't just accessories; they're vibrant escapades tailored on exquisite materials ready for your exclusive customization.

So venture forth with confidence in your taste and pride in your contribution. Let each click at checkout be more than an acquisition — let it be an affirmation that in this curated partnership between Barrington and Drawbertson, elegance aligns effortlessly with empathy.

Discover more about the Buchanan Women's Personalized Laptop Case from our exclusive Drawbertson collection today—and relish the blend of luxury, iconic design, and philanthropy woven into every stitch.