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Elevate Your Travel Experience with the Monogram Baggage Handle Wrap

  • 5.75"L X 1.5"D closed
  • Clear slot for business card
  • Easy to use velcro closure
  • Made of durable, water-resistant nylon canvas
  • Dust bag included

When your suitcase or duffle bag needs something to differentiate it from another, the baggage handle wrap is just what you need. This wrap is 5.75” x 1.5” when it’s closed around your handle, with an easy to use velcro closure. It’s also made of water-resistant nylon canvas, so it’s pretty durable for all your travels. On the interior of the wrap, there is a clear slot for a business card or contact information. Design a fun colored wrap to add to your suitcase, so it’s easy to spot at the baggage claim next time you travel!

Traveling can sometimes be a stressful endeavor, especially when it comes to identifying your luggage amidst a sea of similar-looking bags at the airport. But fret no longer! Our uniquely designed monogram baggage handle wrap is here to turn that struggle into a thing of the past.

Personalized Luggage Handle Wraps: A New Standard in Travel Accessories

Our customizable luggage handle wraps are more than just a simple adornment for your suitcase. They are a statement of individuality and sophistication. Each wrap is crafted from durable nylon construction, ensuring they can withstand even the most vigorous of travels.

Stand Out From the Crowd with a Customized Luggage Handle

You can easily set your luggage apart from the crowd with our customized luggage handle wraps. The Velcro closure ensures a secure fit on any handle, while the custom ID luggage tags offer an additional layer of identification. No more wasting time at baggage carousels or worrying about picking up the wrong bag!

The Perfect Gift for the Constant Traveler

Our customizable Luggage handle wraps also make for a perfect gift for friends and family who travel frequently. They'll appreciate the thoughtfulness behind such a practical and stylish gift. Plus, you can customize the handle wraps with their initials for a personal and unique touch.

Luggage Handle Wraps: A Must-Have for Every Traveler

Whether it's for a duffle bag or a suitcase, this personalized luggage handle wrap is a must-have. They're not only functional but also add a touch of elegance to your luggage items. Plus, they're easy to attach and remove, thanks to the Velcro closure.

Easy Identification with Personalized Baggage Handle Wraps

With our monogram baggage handle wrap, you'll save precious time at airports and hotels. The bright colors and unique designs make for easy identification, even from a distance. Say goodbye to tedious searches, and hello to hassle-free travels!

For More Than Just Luggage: Explore the Versatility

These handle wraps aren't just for suitcases! They can be used on lunch boxes, gym bags, and more. The possibilities are endless. So why stop at one? Order a few more for all your carrying needs.

Reviews Speak for Our Quality and Design

Our customers love our customized products! The reviews speak for the quality, durability, and design of our products. Join the ranks of our satisfied customers today!

Choose Your Style: A Collaboration with Caitlin Wilson

We're excited to bring you a special collection of handle wraps featuring designs by renowned designer Caitlin Wilson. You can explore her unique designs on our website. Choose a style that reflects your personality and adds a touch of elegance to your travels.

Order Your Monogram Baggage Handle Wrap Today

Ready to elevate your travel experience? Add our monogram baggage handle wrap to your cart today. Experience the difference of customized, high-quality travel accessories that stand the test of time. Happy travels!

Remember, a monogram baggage handle wrap isn't just a practical accessory; it's an extension of your style and personality. Choose one that fits you best and embark on your next journey with confidence and flair.