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Gatwick Garment Bag - Emily Ley Leather Patch: Travel in Style & Luxury

  • Dimensions 45" L X 23.5" W
  • Two-way metal zipper closure
  • Made of durable, water resistant nylon canvas
  • Premium Florentine leather accents, trim and handle
  • Barrington custom poly twill lining
  • Dust bag included

The Gatwick Garment Bag is an essential for anyone who travels! It is the perfect size for a weekend getaway on the road or in the air. Depending on the thickness of clothes, this bag holds anywhere from 6-12 articles of clothing. Our garment bag is made of durable, water resistant nylon canvas and has a 2-way, full-zip closure to secure your outfits while on the road.

Premium Quality Materials In Our Personalized Garment Bag

The Gatwick Garment Bag is made of durable, water-resistant nylon canvas, ensuring your belongings stay protected throughout your travels. With premium Florentine leather accents, trim, and handle, this bag exudes sophistication and style.

Elegant Design with Emily Ley Touch

The Gatwick Garment Bag features an elegant design, showcasing a beautiful Emily Ley leather patch, adding a touch of personalization and luxury to your travel essentials.

Spacious Dimensions for Easy Packing

Measuring 45" L x 23.5" W, this garment bag offers ample space for all your clothing, ensuring wrinkle-free storage and easy organization while on the go.

Two-Way Metal Zipper Closure For The Best Custom Garment Bags

The Gatwick Garment Bag has a two-way metal zipper closure, providing secure and convenient access to your belongings whenever needed.

Barrington Custom Poly Twill Lining

Inside the Gatwick Garment Bag, you'll find Barrington's custom poly twill lining, adding an extra layer of protection to your clothes and accessories while traveling.

Personalized Garment Bags are Perfect for Business or Leisure Travel

Whether attending a business meeting or enjoying a weekend getaway, the Gatwick Garment Bag is the perfect companion for both professional and leisure travelers.

Durable Construction for Long-Lasting Use

Constructed from high-quality materials, this garment bag is designed to withstand the rigors of travel, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable luggage piece for years to come.

Easy to Carry and Transport

Featuring a comfortable leather handle, the Gatwick Garment Bag is easy to carry and transport, making your travel experience hassle-free and enjoyable.

Stylish and Functional Accessory

The Gatwick Garment Bag boasts a chic and stylish design and offers practical functionality, making it an essential accessory for any traveler.

The Perfect Gift for Travel Enthusiasts

Impress the travel enthusiast in your life with the Gatwick Garment Bag. This luxurious and stylish gift will elevate their travel experience.

Personalize Your Gatwick Garment Bag

Add a touch of individuality to your Gatwick Garment Bag by personalizing it with your initials, making it a one-of-a-kind travel accessory that reflects your personality and style.

Invest in Quality Travel Gear

Investing in the Gatwick Garment Bag means you're investing in quality travel gear that looks great and serves its purpose efficiently. Elevate your travel experience with this reliable and fashionable garment bag.